June 17, 2012

Homemade Garlic Powder ...Grow it...Dry it...Grind it!

We had a great Garlic harvest last season. So much garlic in fact, we had plenty of garlic to fully replant the garden, share with family and friends, and supply all of our cooking needs through the Winter and Spring. With the remainder of the garlic in the pantry starting to sprout. I figured it was time to do something with it, before it was to late. Dehydrating seemed like the best choice.
The boys and I began the tedious task of peeling garlic...
It went so much faster with their help...and the conversations are always fun when we work together in the kitchen.

I am sure their wives will thank me for this someday ;-)
We loaded the dehydrator and set it out on the back porch, for obvious reasons.
after a couple of days in the dehydrator, it was finally dry enough to be ground down. 
 I have a cheap coffee bean grinder that I discovered, works excellent on my dried goods.

After grinding the garlic to fine powder, we ended up with 1¼ Cups.
The next thing to be thrown in the dehydrator are the fresh garlic scape's. I've never really known what to do with the scape's, as they are pretty pungent.

This time they will be dried, ground and turned into garlic powder. Garlic Salt will also be made by using 3 parts salt to 1 part garlic powder.

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