August 7, 2012

Canning has began

Wow...I am always surprised just how quickly canning season arrives. I work in my garden, make plans in my head, water and weed then wait, watch, and dote over the garden...

Then, suddenly without warning, everything comes on at once! That means trying to find the time in my busy schedule to get everything harvested and put by.

This past Sunday, the boys and I harvested the green beans and I canned 14 quarts.

Cucumbers were also ready to be picked...
Early to rise this morning... it was time to make Pickles!
Peppers, Garlic, & Grape Leaves

I used our favorite pickle recipe given to us by our friend Mr. Brown. I am not quite sure what the grape leaves add to the pickles but the recipe came from a very old recipe book, and we are not about to change anything :-) 
Ended up with 5 Quarts & 1 pint....I am certain, by the looks of the vines, there will be plenty more to can.

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