August 20, 2012

Overgrown & Out of control

Italian Rose Beans
Here we are with the better part of August already gone...
The heat of Summer upon us and routinely the time where I loose what ever control I thought I had...over my garden! 
 It gets harder for me to stay on top of it all... As you can see, some of these cukes needed to be picked sooner than later. Earlier this morning, I was able to harvest a third picking that yielded 19.5 lbs.
Woooa....Big Daddy!
This is one has been hiding from me and dodging the bullet for quite some time!!!
The melons have really started to grow the last two weeks...and I am so excited for these to ripen!!!
Here is a look at how out of control and overgrown things have gotten around here....
weeds and all....and gofer holes to....boot!

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