September 30, 2012

Mad Hatter Vintage Flea Market

This past weekend was spent in good company at the Mad Hatter Vintage Flea Market in Spokane,Wa.
If you love vintage, the show is a must see...

 Our soap display was made from old pigeon nesting boxes from the Farragut Naval base in the 40's...we really love this piece!

So many fun finds to be found!
the vintage Spokane dairy bottles were a hit!

the coolest clock....made by Kathy at Unexpected Necessities made out of old bike fenders

Our wheelbarrow of Putka Pods, Sold out quickly...everyone loved the mini pumpkins :-)

Enjoying Day 2 of the show
Little cutie...Cary Burnett
Coquille & Brian Gallagher
Virginia (The Rusty Bird) & Jennifer (Unexpected Necessities)

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Michelle H. said...

Love your setup! Looks like a great show.