October 1, 2012

goodbye September

 With the show finally off my mind...It is time to focus on my very neglected garden!! On Sunday, I harvested these very overgrown green onions. I processed them outside, for obvious reasons...There was enough to fill 10 dehydrator trays.
I am keeping the tomatoes covered 100% of the time now, even during the day. Mainly because with our busy schedule, and I just don't trust myself to remember to cover them on the nights that we get home late. The sheets allow sunlight in and offer light protection in case of frost. Here's what I found under the sheets...
beautiful peppers & tomatoes!
with a good run of warm and dry weather, the calypso beans were able to fully dry on the bush. These were also harvested  on Sunday.
the spent sunflower heads were cut and layed out to to finish drying..

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