October 9, 2012

Last of the Harvest

Sunday was spent cleaning out the last of the garden...After the hard frost this week, there wasn't much left. The tomatoes finally took a hit  and froze completely.

We still had 5 cabbage heads that needed to be cut. The remaining green onions and leeks were pulled, cleaned, cut and put in the dehydrator. A full row of carrots were also harvested, and placed in a cooler with dry garden dirt.

As a trial, we will see how this works for storage..In a perfect world we would have our root cellar already built, it just hasn't happened yet!
The garden is looking pretty shabby right about now....
 We have decided instead of cleaning out the garden, we're just going to compost on the spot and till it all under in the Spring.
Why have we been clearing and hauling all the garden waste to the compost piles, shoveling and rotating piles
while we wait for compost, only to turn around and haul it back to the garden in the Spring???

We can save ourselves a few steps and compost right where it's at...couldn't be any easier than that!
As the last of the flowers fade, our garden is officially laid to rest for the season...I am already dreaming and planning for next year!!!!

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