July 8, 2013

July in the garden

Gallardia was planted from seed last year and has finally bloomed for the first time this season..So beautiful and sunny, it was worth the wait!
We have finally began to harvest broccoli....yumm!
This spring, I almost killed my poor little meyer lemon tree...It dropped almost all of it's leaves and all, but  two lemons. Once the weather was warm enough I moved it outside to enjoy the full sunny days....It has since perked up, replenished and put on new leaves, and the little lemons have slowly and steadily continued to grow.
We have already harvested the garlic.... and this years harvest is slim pickin's!
We typically have hundreds of bulbs to harvest and share...we dropped the ball somewhere as  this was the whole harvest...It looks like there will not be much to dehydrate for garlic powder and and garlic salt this year....Sad! I am thinking the bulbs rotted in the heavy rains. This years garden flop for sure!
I will cherish every bulb dor sure!

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