July 3, 2013

teenie-tiny miracle

As the heat continues...

I set out to get my watering chores done around the soap shop this evening, in preparation for the long hot weekend.

Setting the water nozzle on high, I and began watering but kept hearing little tiny squeaks as I sprayed the grass. 

Taking a look at where the squeaks were coming from, I saw a tiny crumpled up creature laying in the grass. Initially, a little creeped out.. It could be a bat! ( Confession: I am scared to death of bats....yuck! )

To my surprise, it was a baby hummingbird...
Distressed, disheveled and more than a little annoyed by all  my spraying.
I didn't want to touch it, as I am fully aware of the odds.

I was faced with leaving the baby in the high traffic area of the grass, to be trampled by inattentive tourists or pick it up and try to give this small wonder a fighting chance.

My mommy instinct  kicked in ....

I picked it up!
The baby stayed with me for about 15 minutes, while I held it  up to the feeders and tried to get it to drink.....

Success ! ! !

The baby took a shaky flight from the palm of my hand, into the safety of  the wild crab apple tree behind the shop.

A few moments later, my tiny miracle took flight yet again, disappearing into the warm Summer breeze.

"May my heart always be open to little birds who are the secrets of living" -EE Cummings


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Clara said...

SO glad there was a happy ending! :)

Clara from Redeemed Junk and Stuff