January 3, 2012

Gardening in January

 The seed catalogs started arriving before Christmas...
 Thirteen in all and still counting!

This was enough to send  this particular garden girl into a tail spin of day dreams of Sunny days, Sweet spring days, and the Fresh grit of Earth between my hands, and under my fingernails.

I set out circling all the varieties that my heart desired, as if my garden were in acres and budget just wasn't one of the words in my vocabulary.

Reality quickly set in though and I gently, reluctantly drifted back down from the clouds.

I decided to  pull out my seed bag and began organizing and taking inventory...Turns out, I was only in need of Peas....Darn!
I had plenty of everything I needed...Great news for the budget!
With the weather being unusually mild for North Idaho, and with much of our snow now melted, I decided to check in on some spinach and lettuce that I mindlessly tossed into the cold frames back in October.
I was excited to find they really had grown with out any help or extra care from me.
Even with freezing temps, they have grown. Proof enough for me that you can garden year round in North Idaho :-)
Here is a side by side comparison of the growth in 65 winter days. Most of those days, the frames were covered in snow.
Although the growth is slow, I suspect the jump start on Spring  will greatly pay off and this garden girl will gladly be counting the days until harvest.

Happy Gardening!

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