March 10, 2012

I've been Robbed!

Yesterday was beautiful...sun shining, snow melting, dreaming to be out in the garden kind of day!

As you can see, I still have plenty of snow...


Although I can not work in the garden, I have had spinach and lettuce growing along quite nicely in the cold frames all winter.  I have been checking in periodically to watch the growth habits through the freezing temperatures.

(This picture was taken January 3rd. so they were even bigger than this )

As of Thursday, they were beautiful, green, and full of promise!

Everything looked good... However, I did notice holes in the dirt around the plants.

"Dummy Me" thought the holes may have been from night crawlers as the soil was warming up this week.....


I went out the next day to open the cold frames and to make sure they were not overheating.

When I opened the lids, I could not believe my eyes......

I had been robbed!

Every last Lettuce or Spinach start was gone, vanished, without a trace, over night!


Just those DARN holes!!!

What did they mean? Who could have done such a horrible thing?  Who would commit such Blasphemy!

I am not happy!

I inspected on my hands and knees....nothing!

Ran my hands through the soil to feel for tunnels....nothing!

Did my best detective work....Took pictures...and pouted!

Called a gardener friend for advise! We were thinking cut worms, bugs, maybe mice...but not quite sure!

After uploading pictures for the blog...
I got the  answer to all my problems..Proof was in the pictures...

Regular, everyday,  run of the mill, bonafied MOUSE POOP!

I couldn't see out in the dirt, on my hands and knees, in it's camouflage state, but the macro zoom of my camera sure caught it! 

I find some relief in to knowing, who exactly the enemy is!
I am assuming this is where security was breached and point of entry was made...

This means......WAR!

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